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June 8, 2016 - No Comments!

The Things You Can Do at Mono Apartments

We understand that sometimes, when you are travelling, you don’t necessarily want to spend your time out and about all the time. Therefore, Mono Apartments come up with a list of things you can do when you stay at our place.

1.Dine at Home
Whether you want to cook your own dinner or get a yummy take away home, when staying in a short stay apartment like Mono Apartments, you will have the privilege to gather with your friends and family to have a nice dinner that feels like home.

2. Work
Although it sounds boring, but we understand that not everyone who comes to Mono Apartments are here to chill. Lots of people come and stay with us for some serious business too. So whether you need to check your email, finish a thorough task from work or simply leisurely getting some inspiration, you surely can do it at our apartments because we provide free WiFi.

3. Invite a Friend to Come Over
Space indeed is a luxury when you travel. Unlike staying in a hotel, staying in short stay apartment gives you more room for yourself or for a friend to come over and linger around during the day. Do let us know if there is an extra guest staying over though and remember to keep the noise down when it’s late.

4. Wash Your Clothes
When travelling, we found washing clothes to be a privilege because it can be tricky to keep our clothes fresh during our travel. You don’t have to worry about it when staying at Mono Apartments, because all of our apartments are equipped with washing machine and dryer plus we always have a jar of detergent for you, so you will smell like fresh linen all the time.