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December 16, 2016 - No Comments!

Christmas Festival Decoration Map

Whether you are bringing the little one or entertaining yourself in the festive season, there are unique ways you can enjoy Melbourne this month. Let us take you to some of Melbourne's most interesting Christmas decorations around city.

  1. Myer Christmas Windows
    Until early January 2017
    Always one of the most enchanting ones in town, Myer Christmas Windows has its own line building up from the early morning!
  2. Melbourne Town Hall Decoration & Light Projections
    30 November to 25 December 9PM to 10.20PM daily
    Be amazed as Melbourne Town Hall is transformed into something totally different everyday.
  3. Santa's Mail Box
    25 November to 16 December
    Presented by City of Melbourne and Australia Post, we now can send letters to Santa in the North Pole. On top of that, we can send gifts to a child in need at the Australia Post giving Box.

November 13, 2016 - No Comments!

What’s on at NGV?

If you happen to be around the Arts Precinct, we suggest you to visit NGV. As usual the NGV hosts its permanent collection ranging from Australian to European art, but it is a good idea to keep updated with their seasonal exhibition.
This time of the year, there are some interesting temporary exhibitions that we can recommend.

  1. Viktor&Rolf

    This duo fashion artists based in Amsterdam is having their works displayed at NGV for the first time ever. This avant-garde duo has a radical concept of 'wearable art', which intrigues the audience every time because their works are rather brave and bold.

    And as always, NGV prepares a great kids section for this special exhibition where the kids can experiment on Viktor&Rolf style, keeping everyone even your little one comes out of the exhibition feeling inspired.


  2. Semicircular Space by Jeppe Hein

    A work by contemporary Danish artist, Jeppe Hein, fills the hall of NGV as soon as you enter the building. The work blurs reality and perception, making you feel like you are in a maze.
  3. NGV Architecture Commission by M@ Studio Architects

    There is something going on in the backyard of NGV where an installation of a carwash resembling a real carwash in Blackburn takes place. A playful reinvention and a bold representation of the suburbia, this installation titled "Haven't you always wanted...?" is a gathering place over spring and summer where people can enjoy talks, music performances and simply enjoying the outdoor.

June 12, 2016 - No Comments!

4 Things To Do In a Melbourne Winter Night

It’s winter and it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s wet, it’s all the things refraining you from going outside in a Melbourne winter night. But if you change your mind, here are the things you can do these winter nights in Melbourne that might get you out of your blanket.

1. Friday Nights at NGV
Well-known for providing Melburnians with savvy entertainment, NGV has a special programs running every Friday nights as an option to loud nightclubs. Complementing NGV’s 2016 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition Degas: A New Vision, the national gallery is open late with exhibition, talks, food, music and bar.

2. QVM Winter Night Market
If you need to get out of your room tonight, one of the likely reasons are that you have nothing in your fridge. To not make your winter nights sound sad, go to Queen Victoria Market’s Night Market and have bite of Melbourne unique food scene from Spanish food to local Aussie food. Guaranteed to not disappoint you.

3. Go For a Movie, Old School Way
Watching movies are definitely one thing you can do safely in the harsh winter night. Snuggle in comfy lounge chairs, have a bucket of popcorn or a choctop, the movies never fail to fill our winter nights. Go to the old school cinemas and find quirky movies that are not playing in generic cinemas. Our favourite places are either Cinema Nova or Kino, which are located around city not far at all from Mono Apartments.

4. A Musical Night
If you are more of a classic kind, then the musicals might be the thing for you. One of our recommendation would be The Sound of Music which is playing at Regent Theatre this winter. Come home with some happy tunes. Do - re -mi!