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Can You Find Krimper?

Krimper is one of those cafes in Melbourne that only locals will ask you to meet at. The thing is, this cafe is so hidden, it probably is mistaken as one of the warehouse doors on Guildford Lane in the past. However, Krimper has been around for three years now and the number of people calling the cafe to ask where it exactly is, has now reduced. These days the old-world-feel cafe is packed with office workers having meetings or locals getting their brunch fix.


When you walk in, there is definitely a strong old world character that sets the mood. Near the entrance, there is an old sofa, which would be the oldest furniture in the whole building that was acquired from the existing building. In the middle of the cafe, they put the building’s existing elevator cage which now is used as a more private seating area. To honour history of the building (which back then was a sawmill), the cafe is then named Krimper, after the owner’s name.

We spoken with Krimper’s head barista, Kohei, to find out more about this interesting cafe. When you come here to get your caffeine dose of the day, expect beans from Proud Mary and Maker. Proud Mary’s bean is used for their whites and Maker for their blacks, which keeps changing every week. If you’re not having coffee, you can always have Mork’s hot chocolate or Krimper’s matcha latte.


The menu changes every season, utilising the best ingredients available. One of our favourite menus at Krimper is their Bao-nedict, which essentially is braised pork with spinach and mushroom on one of those Chinese buns called mantou, topped with Hollandaise sauce. However, they have other dishes on the board that keeps changing that keeps you away from boredom in having standard brunch dishes.


This rustic cafe on Guildford Lane is definitely a unique place to try when you are in Melbourne. Ask one of our staff if you need direction to go there. Krimper is one of Melbourne’s best kept secret when it comes to cafe for sure.


20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 3000
03 9043 8844
Opening hours:
Mon - Friday 7am - 5pm
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm

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