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4 Things To Do In a Melbourne Winter Night

It’s winter and it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s wet, it’s all the things refraining you from going outside in a Melbourne winter night. But if you change your mind, here are the things you can do these winter nights in Melbourne that might get you out of your blanket.

1. Friday Nights at NGV
Well-known for providing Melburnians with savvy entertainment, NGV has a special programs running every Friday nights as an option to loud nightclubs. Complementing NGV’s 2016 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition Degas: A New Vision, the national gallery is open late with exhibition, talks, food, music and bar.

2. QVM Winter Night Market
If you need to get out of your room tonight, one of the likely reasons are that you have nothing in your fridge. To not make your winter nights sound sad, go to Queen Victoria Market’s Night Market and have bite of Melbourne unique food scene from Spanish food to local Aussie food. Guaranteed to not disappoint you.

3. Go For a Movie, Old School Way
Watching movies are definitely one thing you can do safely in the harsh winter night. Snuggle in comfy lounge chairs, have a bucket of popcorn or a choctop, the movies never fail to fill our winter nights. Go to the old school cinemas and find quirky movies that are not playing in generic cinemas. Our favourite places are either Cinema Nova or Kino, which are located around city not far at all from Mono Apartments.

4. A Musical Night
If you are more of a classic kind, then the musicals might be the thing for you. One of our recommendation would be The Sound of Music which is playing at Regent Theatre this winter. Come home with some happy tunes. Do - re -mi!

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