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4 Tips to Get Around with a Tight Budget in Melbourne

Did you know that there are ways you can save your money when travelling in Melbourne? For those of you who are on a tight budget but don’t want to miss out when travelling in Melbourne, these are 4 tips for you to get around with a tight budget in Melbourne.

1. Take the free tram
It’s not a secret anymore that Melbourne has one of the best public transportation in its city. Everything within the Free Tram Zone area is of course, free. You just have to watch out the sign whenever you are travelling outside the square of Melbourne city, that is when you have to tap your Myki card. Let us know if you want to borrow a Myki card or two when you stay at Mono Apartments.

2. Ride a bike
If you have enough balance to ride a bike, then it would be one of our most recommended ways to travel in Melbourne. Even better, riding bike in winter warms you up from the cold days. There are dedicated lanes for bike in some streets in Melbourne. But still, watch out for cars, pedestrians and trams in the city.

3. Walk your way around it
Melbourne has some of the friendliest pedestrian walks, which makes Melbourne a nice city to have a stroll. The plus point is when you are walking, you might be able to discover some of Melbourne’s hidden gems like the laneways and cafes.

4. Take Uber
When there are more than two of you travelling in Melbourne, Uber might be a more economical option to choose from compared to public transport! Just watch the price changes during the peak hour and watch for the traffic too.

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