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3 Things You Must Bring When Traveling to Melbourne

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Excited in packing your stuff for Melbourne? We have compiled 3 things you must bring when traveling to Melbourne to make sure that you have packed the right stuff. What are those stuff? Read through to find out more.

1. Weather Gear

Doesn’t matter if you come during winter, summer, spring or fall, Melbourne always has its own thoughts when it comes to weather. Melbourne is the city with 4 weathers in a day, so don’t be surprised if it rains in summer. Therefore, prepare yourself with the appropriate weather gear when you are packing for your trip to Melbourne. If you come in summer, make sure that you got your sunnies with you. If you come during winter, bring your umbrella or compact rain coat. This year’s winter is apparently the coldest in 2 decades, so bringing your warm clothing is a must. Any season of the year, always bring a jacket with you to battle the changes of weather in Melbourne.

2. Body Lotion with SPF

Although you are not planning to relax at the beach for the whole day, it is really important that you cover your skin with high SPF body lotion when you are in Melbourne. The sun is especially sunny and strong and it can harm your skin.

3. Comfortable Shoes

Melbourne is a city to walk in. There are lots of alleyways to be explored in the city itself, lots of hidden cafes and restaurants and not to mention the small shops and markets which are worthy to walk the extra miles. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes so you can walk the distance. Although the tram is free in the city, Melbourne’s pedestrian walks are really friendly and enjoyable to spend your time.

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How to Survive Melbourne Weather


Melbourne weather can be a bit daunting for those who never have experienced it. Literally there are four seasons in a day in Melbourne. Don’t be surprised when you find it sunny in the morning, then suddenly your afternoon becomes a bit gloomy, there is a bit of hail and there are chances of thunderstorm in the evening. So how can you survive Melbourne weather?

Make sure that you always check the weather forecast in the morning. See it in the morning news, download a weather app or simply google what’s the weather like that like will save you big time. There is nothing wrong wearing your t-shirt on a winter day, but you might not end up in one piece by the end of the day.

Always bring an umbrella or a compact rain coat. This is simply Melbourne. You will never know if it will rain or shine. Investing on a proper umbrella is also important because you want you umbrella to perform in urgent situations.

When it gets too rainy and wet, make sure that you know where your closest cafes are. There is no harm in waiting for the rain to calm down while sipping a cup of cappuccino.

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4 Things To Do In a Melbourne Winter Night

It’s winter and it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s wet, it’s all the things refraining you from going outside in a Melbourne winter night. But if you change your mind, here are the things you can do these winter nights in Melbourne that might get you out of your blanket.

1. Friday Nights at NGV
Well-known for providing Melburnians with savvy entertainment, NGV has a special programs running every Friday nights as an option to loud nightclubs. Complementing NGV’s 2016 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition Degas: A New Vision, the national gallery is open late with exhibition, talks, food, music and bar.

2. QVM Winter Night Market
If you need to get out of your room tonight, one of the likely reasons are that you have nothing in your fridge. To not make your winter nights sound sad, go to Queen Victoria Market’s Night Market and have bite of Melbourne unique food scene from Spanish food to local Aussie food. Guaranteed to not disappoint you.

3. Go For a Movie, Old School Way
Watching movies are definitely one thing you can do safely in the harsh winter night. Snuggle in comfy lounge chairs, have a bucket of popcorn or a choctop, the movies never fail to fill our winter nights. Go to the old school cinemas and find quirky movies that are not playing in generic cinemas. Our favourite places are either Cinema Nova or Kino, which are located around city not far at all from Mono Apartments.

4. A Musical Night
If you are more of a classic kind, then the musicals might be the thing for you. One of our recommendation would be The Sound of Music which is playing at Regent Theatre this winter. Come home with some happy tunes. Do - re -mi!

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Melbourne International Jazz Festival


If you got that jazz, a bit of soulfulness and have some free time on the weekend, be sure to attend this year’s Melbourne International Jazz Festival.
Melbourne International Jazz Festival is reaching their end soon. Held from 3-12 June 2016 at various location in Melbourne, the festival is definitely one of the most seek out festivals for jazz lovers in Melbourne. Especially this year, Melbourne International Jazz Festival presents Esperanza Spalding, the Grammy Award winning artist playing tonight at the Forum.

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The Things You Can Do at Mono Apartments

We understand that sometimes, when you are travelling, you don’t necessarily want to spend your time out and about all the time. Therefore, Mono Apartments come up with a list of things you can do when you stay at our place.

1.Dine at Home
Whether you want to cook your own dinner or get a yummy take away home, when staying in a short stay apartment like Mono Apartments, you will have the privilege to gather with your friends and family to have a nice dinner that feels like home.

2. Work
Although it sounds boring, but we understand that not everyone who comes to Mono Apartments are here to chill. Lots of people come and stay with us for some serious business too. So whether you need to check your email, finish a thorough task from work or simply leisurely getting some inspiration, you surely can do it at our apartments because we provide free WiFi.

3. Invite a Friend to Come Over
Space indeed is a luxury when you travel. Unlike staying in a hotel, staying in short stay apartment gives you more room for yourself or for a friend to come over and linger around during the day. Do let us know if there is an extra guest staying over though and remember to keep the noise down when it’s late.

4. Wash Your Clothes
When travelling, we found washing clothes to be a privilege because it can be tricky to keep our clothes fresh during our travel. You don’t have to worry about it when staying at Mono Apartments, because all of our apartments are equipped with washing machine and dryer plus we always have a jar of detergent for you, so you will smell like fresh linen all the time.

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Good Food & Wine Show 2016

Mono Apartments Good Food & Wine

Good Food & Wine Show 2016 is one of the most appetising events for us to recommend. Held between 3-5 June 2016 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, there are lots of workshops you can join, lots of testers and small events you can attend. We are especially excited to browse through Artisan Square to find out more about the producers around Melbourne.

Mono Twenty One, Twenty Two, Twenty Three at Platinum or Mono Five on Freshwater are the closest apartments if you are looking to attend the event.

Photo courtesy of Good Food & Wine Show.


Good Food & Wine Show
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
2 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, VIC (opposite Crown Casino)

Friday 3 June  10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 4 June  10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 5 June 10:00am – 5:00pm

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4 Tips to Get Around with a Tight Budget in Melbourne

Did you know that there are ways you can save your money when travelling in Melbourne? For those of you who are on a tight budget but don’t want to miss out when travelling in Melbourne, these are 4 tips for you to get around with a tight budget in Melbourne.

1. Take the free tram
It’s not a secret anymore that Melbourne has one of the best public transportation in its city. Everything within the Free Tram Zone area is of course, free. You just have to watch out the sign whenever you are travelling outside the square of Melbourne city, that is when you have to tap your Myki card. Let us know if you want to borrow a Myki card or two when you stay at Mono Apartments.

2. Ride a bike
If you have enough balance to ride a bike, then it would be one of our most recommended ways to travel in Melbourne. Even better, riding bike in winter warms you up from the cold days. There are dedicated lanes for bike in some streets in Melbourne. But still, watch out for cars, pedestrians and trams in the city.

3. Walk your way around it
Melbourne has some of the friendliest pedestrian walks, which makes Melbourne a nice city to have a stroll. The plus point is when you are walking, you might be able to discover some of Melbourne’s hidden gems like the laneways and cafes.

4. Take Uber
When there are more than two of you travelling in Melbourne, Uber might be a more economical option to choose from compared to public transport! Just watch the price changes during the peak hour and watch for the traffic too.